How to Get Khaleesi Inspired Braids for Everyday Occasions

How to Get Khaleesi Inspired Braids for Everyday Occasions #theeverygirl

If you're like us, you're already glued to HBO's fifth round of Game Of Thrones. What did you think of last night's premiere? In excitement for the new season, we decided to put our own twist on Daenerys Targaryen's (aka Khaleesi) famous braided locks. Here's our take on modern, warrior goddess hair for battling the day with ease and confidence—and best of all, no heat appliances are necessary.


Why We Love It:

It's pretty simple to do yet packs a punch in the style department. 


  • Teasing/parting comb
  • Rubber band
  • Hair pins
  • Volumizing setting spray (we really love this one)

Step One: Part all of your hair to one side and spray with volumizing spray for more hair hold and staying power. Begin a three-strand braid, weaving the braid from underneath (not over the top) to make your braid pop.

Step Two: Once you reach just above your ear, begin weaving hair from the back of head—grabbing hair from behind the opposite ear (as demonstrated below).

Step Three: Keep weaving your three-strand braid from underneath. Secure at the end with a rubber band.


Step Four: Begin tugging at the braid at the top, middle, and bottom portion to fatten the braid and make the final look more dramatic. Tuck stray strands back into the braid with hair pins.

Step Five: Spray in place with setting spray.



Why We Love It:

It dresses up your ponytail in an unexpected way, changing things up for 2015. 


  • Teasing/parting comb
  • Rubber band
  • Hair pins
  • Volumizing setting spray (keep frizz at bay with this one)

Step One: Place your hair in a ponytail.

Step Two: Part the pony in two and begin a figure eight braiding technique. Similar to a fishtail, take a thin layer of hair from the right (inside of your pony) and wrap it around itself, then join the strand with the left side, but then re-route the same strand back to the right starting position—creating a figure eight movement as demonstrated in the images below.

Step Three: When you begin running out of hair (your working strand becomes short in length) simply grab additional hair to join with your working strand to add to it's length (and ability to keep roping). Continue this step until you reach the point where you'd like to secure your ponytail with a rubber band. 

Step Four: Hold in place with a rubber band. Tug alongside the pony to widen the braid and amplify the figure eight look.



Why We Love It:

It's a fresh and polished style perfect for taking on the day.


  • Teasing/parting comb
  • Rubber band
  • Hair pins
  • Volumizing setting spray (a great staple is this one)

Step One: Gather hair to one side and spray with hair spray to create hold for your braid. Begin braiding using a two-strand fishtail technique as demonstrated below. 

The fishtail technique involves working with just two strands. Hair is taken from the right strand, then shared with the left. Then hair from the left strand is shared with the right. Continue until you reach the bottom of your braid.

Step Two: Keep the braiding tight, framing your face with the fishtail braid. Once you finish the front layer, start braiding the back portion of your hair with the same technique.

Step Three: Join the first (top) braid with the second (bottom) braid by looping the top braid through the bottom braid. Secure any hair hanging outside of the finished braid with hair pins.

Step Four: Fatten your braid "Khaleesi" style by tugging at the braided sections to widen and glamourize your braid. Secure with hairspray.


Maritza Buelvas #theeverygirl

Maritza Buelvas

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